On Clotheslines.

Our dryer went out last week.

Best thing that could have happened to us.

In this season, it is good to be outside, hanging clothes on a line.

Feeling the simplicity of standing on the earth and letting the sun dry the fabric we wear every day.

Taking time to work through simple, UN technological means.

Each day we hang one piece of clothing at a time.

The tiny onesie of our smallest child, the princess skirt that twirls, the xxl T-shirt of my long torso-ed husband who serves us so well, and the many nursing tanks of a mama who just weaned her baby and will soon fold them up and give them away to a new mama, just days from delivering her first.

And when white clothes are washed, hung with stains facing upward,

The sun bleaches our stained white clothes.

The sun does what laundry detergent can not.

God is in everything.


It bears mentioning here, that the way our line is fashioned, the tiniest articles of clothing (ahem, read = UNMENTIONABLES) must be hung in the most visible portion of the strung wire because our neighbors dog will EAT our clothes if anything longer than one’s undies is hung in that section.

Also worth mentioning?

We live in the church parking lot.


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