potty training. part one.

How have I not blogged about this yet?!

Oh dear goodness if there wasn’t something more dreaded by Yours Truly than potty training.

I would rather push a 9 lber out sans epidural than potty train.

You think I’m kidding? First thing I think about when I see the plus sign on the pee stick: Oh no! I have to potty train another one! Now I’m kidding. Sort of.

My disdain for potty training is directly related to my disgust for poo and all bodily functions associated with the toilet (and here I will include vomit… even though it has nothing to do with potty training).

That and… IT’S SO MUCH WORK!!!!

Our potty training journey began with reading the Baby Whisperer who advocates starting somewhere between 9 and 11 months. In most areas I heart BDub – but anyone who has the stamina to watch an infant for signs of needing to eliminate all day long, in addition to the whole every-20-minutes-place-your-non-walking-infant-on-the-potty-deal… well, they deserve a medal. And a vacation.

Anyhow, I tried when El was 10 months old to be such a person. My Ma-in-law was out for a few weeks, and seeing as she has trained 5 of those babies to use the potty – three of them at 12 months – we went to work. For two weeks it was magical. Bliss, even. We put her on, and WA LA! Never so happy to see poo. And then JD came back from a two week mission trip and El refused to go again. The end.

My number one daughter is a yeller and a back archer. When this quickly translated into “IF YOU PUT ME ON THIS POTTY I WILL EAT YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!” We decided to back off.

Several months later we tried again.


And then again.


And again and again, each time resulting in many AAAAAAHHHHHHHs and accidents and TWO babysitters getting peed on. El wasn’t the only one saying AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

And then we decided to let it go. For a very long time.

We are wise ones we are.

Wise and lazy.

Pardon me, but I am not about to let my coffee shop addiction suffer because we have to stay home and potty train.


Stay tuned. I literally have a toddler yelling, “MOM! I NEED TO GO POOP ON THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!”


One Reply to “potty training. part one.”

  1. Love it! Today I said, “Jude, do you want to go pee pee on the potty?”. He said, “No. No way”. Then he stood in his diaper in the kitchen with his legs spread, pelvis out and said, “I’m peeing” as he peed into his diaper. He knows when he has the urge, yet… No, no way!

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