potty training. part two.

Eventually she’d use the potty.

She won’t go to school in diapers, as they say.

El confessed she was scared of the potty, and as in every fearful moment of hers, we prayed. And so at random moments during the day, we’d hear Ellie say, “Dear God, please help Ellie not be scared of the potty.” Melt.

We didn’t push it.

The Pink-Princess-Potty-That-Sings-Princess-Tunes-When-She-Pees-or-Poos stayed put in our bathroom, lid up, for whenever the fear might go away.

I’m not sure how this happened – if it was intentional or not – but we started leaving her naked after her baths. And one day, she sat on the potty all by herself – without letting us know beforehand – and went.

Screams and jumping up and down and dancing all around commenced. I can not emphasize enough the dancing that took place when the two year old peed in the pink plastic hole. WEEEEE!!!!! Chocolate chips! Yay!!!!

Night after night we continued this routine with plenty of chocolate chips [just before bedtime] to say YAY! Nothing says ‘Way to Go’ like a tiny semi-sweet chocolate chip am I right? If I were a toddler and knew the lengths parents would go to for a kid to pee in a potty I’d at least demand 20 bucks a pee.

One day, some time ago, we just didn’t put a diaper on.

Turns out, El is not such a fan of the pee on the leg. Not one accident since we made her bare bottomed! YAY!

Undies = accidents.

No undies? No diapers? No accidents.

She’ll just be the naked toddler wherever we go…

And then we got sick. Ear infections for the Groves girls! All three of us! Don’t spare us from an ear infection! And JD needs to get a stupid head cold too. Hooray for sickos!!! BLEH.


Yes, there is  a BUT!

In the course of us getting sick and house-bound, El went from only pee in the pink! princess! potty! to peeing/poo in the big potty! And Undies!

Exclamation mark!


Notice the excitement in the capital letters!

Bring on the public toilets, untimely bathroom excursions with a one year old and a toddler, bed wetting, and everything else you don’t think about when you JUST want the kid out of diapers

Next up:

Potty Training Bloopers.

Stay tuned. You know you want to.


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