we’re moving

This morning we stood before the congregation and announced the next steps for our family, including a move to Oregon in June. Pastor Brad broke the news before us, explaining that the couple kids fresh from UCLA four and a half years ago were continuing their adventure by moving to the mainland. It was surreal hearing him talk about when we first got here, and I pictured us all fresh and opinionated and a little bit cocky, like college kids are.

Can’t say we’re leaving the same, praise God. The two kids we’ve added to our family are only parts of our transformation over the past season.

I have been and will continue to process this move in its many layers for some time.

When Claire was born and I went back to work full time I started to panic a bit. The only thing I had control over was how clean my house was and when I let it go I began to unravel. Now that we have two walking finger food eaters who would really just like to play all day thankyouverymuch, our time and energy is being pushed and pulled and the house is never as clean as I’d like it to be. I began to notice my heart was divided at home. During “working hours” I felt guilty if I was parenting and if I was parenting I felt guilty for not working. Every. Day.

At the time, the church was also incredibly divided and unhealthy and was killing our souls one division after another. The combination of an unhealthy church and an unhealthy working situation caused JD and I to start praying. We knew something had to change and weren’t sure what that would look like. We looked at CA and HI first. In both places we didn’t feel a sense of calling, even though I think we wanted to. I’d sometimes morph an excitement about a place and “hope” that maybe just maybe we were being called to northern California or perhaps southern, and then maybe things will work out in Hawaii… somehow…

And then the call.

There’s always a call, or an email, or job opening that looks to be in bold print or a friend who knows someone who does this one thing… JD got a phone call from his Young Life leader in high school about some possibilities in JD’s hometown, Keizer, OR. To be super honest, we weren’t considering OR at this point, though it was beginning to creep into our minds because, well, nothing else was fitting and we have family there (for you Oregonians – JD just kept saying, “you just have to commit to that rain…”). In college I really wanted to live in the Northwest and was stoked to marry a boy who grew up in Oregon because that at least meant lots of visits. When we first job searched we looked in Oregon and Washington and ended up in Hawaii, which we called our “tropical northwest.” It is, in many ways. Just replace the gray skies with sunshine and place everyone in board shorts and sundresses and WA LA! Tropical northwest. Or something like that (my friend Megan is shaking her head in disagreement right now).

Long story a little bit longer:

Faith Baptist Church got healthy. People left, and whether or not you are a person who left or stayed, there is a notable difference at Faith and that difference is unity. There are people who left the church that we love dearly. Dearly. Don’t misunderstand me – they are not bad people who don’t love God. There just needed to be separation for unity and health to happen.

Faith got healthy but our situation got harder. I was popping in two movies a day and struggling to nurture my children while writing lessons, emailing, hanging out with teens, making calendars, planning events, studying, praying, and attending meetings. My wee ones were getting neglected and my heart broke.

I began praying about whether I should continue to work – at least right now – and as I prayed my heart swelled for my kiddos. In the middle of teaching 20 students an image of my girls popped in my mind and a sense of longing grew in me. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to miss their tender hearts learning the alphabet and shapes and crawling into my lap when they’re scared. They are only babies for so long.

And so even though I had polished up my resume, I put it aside and let JD pursue job opportunities for himself. Three churches were pursuing him in his hometown, and one became a clear fit. We visited while in OR a few months ago and I cried the whole service because it was so beautiful and healing and the pastor was tender and honest and kissed our girls (so does our current pastor, btw – and this was before Faith underwent a split) and I sort of pleaded with God that if this wasn’t the church, that one like it would want us.

Just about a month ago or so JD accepted the job and we bought a plane ticket. There were lots of things that weren’t clear to us at that time, and to be honest, still aren’t. It’s only a part time job w/out benefits because it is a young church. There is conversation about some possibilities and partnerships, but for now, we only know of the one job. In the midst of uncertainty and fear and confusion, we both felt we were supposed to take two action steps: 1st – buy the one way tickets and 2nd – accept the job if/when offered. In that order.

We bought some tickets at an insanely affordable price for June 16. Movers come June 13. Job accepted. This is happening.

The weeks creep along slowly and with each day comes sadness for what we’re leaving as well as an increasing excitement for what lies ahead.

As I mentioned earlier, there are layers to this move. I hope to write about what we’re processing a bit on the blog and hopefully more in a Word document as part of a writing project I’ve given myself. Because, you see, even though I’m going to stay at home, I’ve got an itch that I need to scratch and it will require daily hours of discipline at my computer with the internet turned off when kiddos are sleeping. In my mind I picture a desk facing a rainy window with a vintage blue typewriter on its top and a vase with a single flower next to a cup of coffee, fingers posed on my laptop. I might never publish anything or even really finish it, but I want to write. There’s a lot swirling around and I never really grab hold of any of it unless I write it down. I know many people who are this way, and I am one of them.

If you are reading this and live in Hawaii, we love you. We’re sad to leave you. I can’t emphasize that enough. If you are reading this and live on the mainland, I hope we’ll get to connect soon, because we’ve missed you.


5 Replies to “we’re moving”

  1. three things. 1. admire your guys’ faith 2. praying for you guys with the transition. 3. super stoked you’re coming closer to me! We’ll have to hang out next year!

  2. I’m numbering my points because my thoughts on this are too hard to connect. Not because Kenji did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Loved this. Love you. I know it’s super hard, but I’m really excited for you. I’m confident that God has your story.

    2. You are in your prayers. I’ll be writing along with you, except I will be facing my snowy window. ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. I am already plotting a writer’s retreat.

    4. We’re thinking northwest road trip sometime. So much of that country we’d love to see, and you two are an excellent end point.

    5. Have I mentioned that I miss you?

  3. I am so encouraged by your family’s step of faith…you have no idea how it strengthens my own faith as we step out into an ambiguous situation as well later this month. Praying for the four of you. Love you!

  4. Even before your beautiful image of the rainy window and blue typewriter, I pictured you writing and writing. Or at least I was hoping that you would write and write, so I could read and read, since you’ve reminded me of why our own move has been such a big thing to unpack; we love you and our church and neighbors and friends and Hawaii, and even love the times when it rained on the sheets on the line, since it meant an excuse to run out in that fabulous tropical rain. Today there was finally sun, and we discovered that our new prairie home really does have huge, beautiful skies. When I commented on the beautiful clouds, Annika said, “I miss Hawaii,” and I remembered all over again how much we miss our island home.
    I think I should have made a bulleted list, ๐Ÿ™‚ and posted on my own blog! But I’ll just add that 1. I’m excited for you! 2. I know how hard it is to be sad and excited at the same time 3. I laughed out loud picturing Megan’s disapproval of your “tropical midwest” comment. But as a california girl, I have to agree with you! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    4. miss you and your dear family

  5. Annie,

    As I was trying to find your address to put something in the mail to you and JD, I stumbled across your blog – and I am so glad I did!

    I know we only met briefly the weekend you visited Lakepoint, but after perusing your blog for a bit, I feel as though I know so much about you and your precious family. We are so excited to for you to join us in Keizer and I’m looking forward to getting to know your family.

    In the meantime, could you please email me your home address. Apparently I’ve lost it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I know, that doesn’t sound very good coming from an admin assistant, does it? Thank goodness for GRACE!

    Bless you and looking forward to your time here!

    Rachel Taylor

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