Dear Blog,

THIS guy (my uncle David), informed me that he’s tired of looking at pictures of JD reading a book. Since May 19th.

Was May 19 really my last entry?! Goodness. My apologies. My head has been a swirl of packing tape, hard goodbyes, enjoying that lovely island a bit more, THREE YEAR OLD BIRTHDAYS, decompressing and processing.

I just uploaded the last pictures on my camera from Hawaii (sniff), and since I’ve greatly neglected you for the past month AND A HALF, here are some of the gems:

I miss.

Stay tuned (like, check back next week) for a slow return to blogging. We’re taking a mini sabbatical in Bako and doing a whole lot of swimming, trips to the cabin, processing the past few years, trying not to stress about the future, praying, playing with the girls, watching them get spoiled by the grandparents, and drinking glorious drinks made by my daddy. My current favorite: a pumpkin pie martini. I die.


This girl turned THREE (pssst – I have a THREE YEAR OLD!):


Signing off for a bit more, but I’ll be back.




3 Replies to “Dear Blog,”

  1. Happy Bday to your 3-yr old! How is that possible!? I remember discovering your blog b/c my baby was like a week late in coming, so I googled that and found YOU! I have enjoyed these past 3 years sharing a bit of your life. 🙂 And I will have a 3-yr old, too, in just a few weeks.

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