Goodmorning! Coffee’s out but arent we cute?

This morning was of the sort where I just couldn’t catch my bearings.I’m in the early process of figuring out our new normal and last night we moved into JD’s childhood friend’s house for a month so this morning, I was caught off guard.

Immediately Candyland was out and the ponies and mid-play were the cries of hunger and she pulled at my shorts and she ate the faux fruit… (Sorry Josiah and Renee, there are bite marks in your decor). And then we ate and LETS GO OUTSIDE and I need to go potty mommy! Faceplant!! Now snacks! Claire’s naptime, OR NOT…

By the time it was ten am I literally had my first chance to pause and text JD about said craziness. Which also meant it was my first chance to make coffee.

Confession: I talk about coffee a lot and I love it, but I really don’t need it to function. I usually have one cup a day. But the glorious thing about making coffee in a house o toddlers? It’s one of the first moments of my day that sets me a part from the juice box drinkers. I feel like an adult (true even when I worked and even still when I didn’t have kids) and my mind juices start going while I grind and pour.

But today, oh glorious today. When I finally got around to making coffee, the water on the stove (kept on low heat thoughout the morning for coffee purposes) was actually lukewarm, and unbeknownst to me, I made a beautiful cup of cold watery dirt. First sip and the coffee was down the drain. And then you know the movie Ice Age? And the squirrel and the acorn?? It was like that. No beans in the grinder. There was coffee in the cupboard but it was DECAF and unless it’s late at night decaf sort of makes me sad. The last bit of beans were brewed with cold water and tossed down the drain…

Seeing as the morning beverage of adulthood was nowhere to be found and JD had the car, I turned on Clifford and ate animal crackers with the girls.

(just got a text from my hunky man, coffee’s on its way)!!!!!!!


4 Replies to “Goodmorning! Coffee’s out but arent we cute?”

  1. I can remember coming home from work and after being jumped on by you and Pat your momma would come to me with pleading eyes…”have an adult conversation with me…NOW!”. Great memories and I have to say she did a pretty fine job raising two children!

    1. Haha nah, just a morning for the books. This is a new season for sure – I’ve had JD close by for the past 3 years and I know teenagers better than toddlers – but I was totally laughing about this morning 🙂

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