Meet Joy [Giveaway]

A few months after throwing up every morning in the oh-so-awesome first trimester of pregnancy with Elianna, we got a phone call that JD’s cousin, Joy, was also pregnant. Months younger than me, we both experienced the shock of being young pregnant post grad gals early into our marriages. And when I was pregnant with Claire? Another phone call that once again, we were (surprise!!!) baby buddies.

Joy is also married to a JD (Jonathan David) which means family gatherings are sometimes confusing. Did you catch that? In case you weren’t keeping track, here’s how we’re freakishly connected:

1. Both married to Jonathan David dudes who go by JD

2. Pregnant with number one at age 22/23 when babies were supposedly thoughts in the distant future

3. Pregnant with number two (surprise again!!!) just months apart again.

Joy and JD have two awesome little boys, Jude and Asher. So far, Jude is the only toddler who gives El a run for her money in terms of energy level [true story]. He is both explosive and super loving.

And somehow, in between being a super mama to her boys, loving her man, instructing Bradley birthing classes, and [now in the process of] moving from Denver, CO to Turlock, CA… Joy makes amazing jewelry.

Enter Joy Dravecky Jewelry, and this bloggy blog’s FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!! (EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!)

I’ll explain the giveaway more in my next post, but I wanted to tickle your ears first.

For now, why don’t you meander on over to Joy Dravecky Jewelry and scope out your favorite pieces. You can click on one of the two links below:

Joy Dravecky Jewelry (Etsy)

Joy Dravecky Jewelry (Facebook Page)

(And men types, if you’re a blog reader, check out some of the pieces for your wife, sister, mama, daughter <ahem, DAD>, girlfriend, fiance, auntie, any woman in your life who wants some jewelry…)

Details forthcoming!!!

Enjoy Joy’s creative and talented workmanship at Joy Dravecky Jewelry!!!


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