Giveaway Winner of Joy Dravecky Jewelry!!!

Had myself a lovely little birthday with all kinds of sweet messages, a wee child waking me up to a solo performance of “Happy Birthday,” BBQ with new friends and fam, YL tshirts from Indiana, and all kinds of wonderful love notes for the turning of 27. I am crazy blessed.

May I just say that it was all sorts of fun having this giveaway?! THANK YOU Joy Dravecky Jewelry for partnering in this giveaway and for making amazing jewelry, and for just plain being amazing.

The winner of the giveaway wins the piece they described in the comment section, which is awesome!!!

I determined the winner by making a list of participants in the order they entered. The internet is pretty awesome about keeping track of time & date so it was easy. I then assigned a number to each participant, again, in the order they entered.

Before I announce the winner, I want to let you know about a very cool deal: Joy is offering a 20% discount for bloggy blog readers, so if you would still like to snag that favorite piece at a discounted price, DO IT! Go to her etsy shop and enter this code: Annie20

And now, the winner.

Numba 15 belongs to FOOK!!!! Congrats Fook!!! You are a winner of the Hematite Stone Fan Necklace 🙂

Thanks to everyone for entering, it was lots of fun!!!

If you are a creative type person and like to sell your goods and are interested in promoting your business on this here blog, contact me! I’m not one for turning the blog into a constant stream of giveaways and whatnot, but here’s the thing – as someone who creates and hopes to help support the fam and others through creative means, I’d love to promote your own expression of creativity and business endeavors so give me a shout!



3 Replies to “Giveaway Winner of Joy Dravecky Jewelry!!!”

  1. What a delightful surprise! My husband has recently taught me a prayer he learned from Jack Deere, and I’ve adopted it. 2 parts – “Jesus, draw me into a deeper friendship with you. I want to FEEL your affection.” I was just kissed by Jesus. Again. Thank you so very much for being His co-conspirator! I am truly delighted.

    Like you, I don’t wear jewelry much. Actually, the one piece I do wear almost daily is a gift from your sweet little girlies! I love thinking of them when I put it on. And, this piece by Joy is truly beautiful, and I will again think of you when I wear it. Thank you SO very much! I am honored.

  2. Got a gorgeous hematite necklace today. I LOVE it! It has weight. and shininess. I wore it to work and felt beautiful. Thank you so much.

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