my 18 month wonder


I’m so glad you were made. Life would be dull without you.

Just this morning all I could think about was how crazy in love you’ve made me over you and your sister. Mushy gushy PDA kind of love when no one is looking. You have a perfect face. Couldn’t be improved if you tried. I also think this about your sister but don’t buy into the whole, “you’re my mom so you have to say that” stuff. I mean it.

There is a quiet curiosity about you, and if left alone, leads to books hidden in the back of the bookshelf, treasures in the VCR, keys found only by the housekeeper at the Embassy Suites (we’re pretty sure it was you) and tiny toys tucked in nooks and crannies we never knew existed. It’s a skill, really.

You are wildly independent. Could care less if we’re near or far. Which means I’ve birthed two of you independent types. At 7 months old you wouldn’t eat unless you fed yourself, and here at 18 months you strongly disapprove of your sippy cup. Latte in a coffee mug please! Doesn’t matter what we put in your sippy cup, if an adult glass or mug is nearby, that’s your preference .Which is awesome since you have the coordination of an 18 month old…

Pink doggy is still your constant companion. There’s just something about that tail and that special pink doggy smell that instantly soothes you. We lost pink doggy at Disneyland this summer and your daddy missed the water color show for lines at multiple lost and found sites. You were a sad little girl. Dumbo just didn’t do justice for you, though given time I think you would have adopted the flying elephant. A phone call the next day sent a package our way, which makes me sort of think pink doggy is invincible. The reunion was sweet and we all sleep better for it.

You are a delight, daughter. Ham and a half. The other day you asked me to put goggles on your head and you wore them with gusto. Sometimes when you’re after something, you lean your head forward and throw your arms behind you like you’re superman. It’s all the awesomeness in the world (look at me making up words for you!). The other day you jumped for the first time. So high, in fact, that your legs went out in front of you and you landed on your bum. That was your last jump for a while. You love to dance and clap and laugh and say, “peezzz” whenever you want something. It’s not unheard of for you to bring an entire Costco size box of animal crackers and demand your share with a relentless “peeeeezzzzzzz.” We’re SO in trouble sister. Would you like a donut for dinner? Just say “PEEEEEZZZZZZ…” Just kidding. But maybe if you asked…

Your voice is super husky, which has your daddy building his muscles real big (which is just fine with the mama) for you know, twelve years down the road. It’s one of my favorite parts about you. Your voice. The way you communicate with us is melt-worthy, only recently voicing “mommy” and “daddy” and “EH-EEEEEE” (I die) and “nigh niiiiiiigh nigh.” Your sister thinks this recent development is all the craze and asked you to say “Tinkerbell.” “Tinkerbuh.” Tinkerbell never sounded so cute. Also? You use that little voice of yours to greet every stranger everywhere. “Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.” and “BUH-BYEEEEEEE”

18 months is one of my favorite ages. I still laugh at your tantrums, for one thing. They’re just so ridiculous and high pitched and dramatic that it does no good for you whatsoever. But we think it’s hilarious. Sorry kid, you’ll understand someday. I realize the baby in you is slipping away, which makes my heart a little sad. So I carry you a lot. Your sister, ever the little woman now at three, is becoming much more a playmate as you begin to understand playing with babies and puzzles. I love watching you two. She has also learned is learning to back off when you need your space and it has greatly improved your relationship. Yesterday I was disciplining her and there were tears. You were so worked up over the ordeal that you burst into tears (honestly, it wasn’t a big deal), ran over to El and nuzzled your face next to hers while together you wept about how mean mommy is. You have no idea how much I loved that moment.

I keep thinking about how glad I am that you are in this little family of ours. You are a light, little one, and we love every bit of you. We can’t wait to see God’s plans unfold in your life as you continue to bring joy to us and others.




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