I am currently not working.

I work, but am not “working.”

A career on… pause, maybe.

The point here being that I do not currently contribute to our income. I hope to at some point, maybe. In dreams someone might pay me money to write or take pictures. For now, I practice both.

There is tension with this decision, for all kinds of fun reasons, but currently I struggle with provision. We are on an itty bitty income in part time ministry with hope of a well providing side job in the near future. All this because we believe this is exactly where God intends us to be at this moment in time.

For weeks, as I prayed through our very practical needs I often wrestled with finding a job to help our little cash flow. Rationale is strong and God given and quite rationally, for me to work any J-O-B would essentially equal payment for childcare, which is silly for us right now.

God also gives Provision. And sometimes provision is opposite rationale.

God clothes lilies in the field and feeds birds in the air when they do nothing for it, except to exist exactly as they are created. And as beautiful as those lilies are, we triumph over flowers and birds. God provides. Even when we don’t work for it or deserve it.

I have prayed for a bed for months. JD, being the large stately man that he is, hoped for a king sized bed because his shoulders have rested on the edge of the bed for five years. Enter middle of the night toddlers and, well, just this morning we reached piling status. I told God a Queen would do (you know, trying not to be picky before the Almighty) in typical ME fashion.

I never doubted God’s provision for a bed, but I certainly thought we’d have to make do with a cheap futon for a bed as our paychecks stacked up and savings grew to the amount of one king sized bed. I sort of hoped people nearby might be offloading a bed, but as it turns out, only a full sized bed (for Kenneth) and twin (for El) were floating around, searching for owners.

A refrigerator showed up.

So did a washer and dryer.

A lovely couch was on sale for $250, which we snagged at Bi-Mart.

A fellow youth worker in the church is a contractor, and offered his services for free (coming soon in a The House that Kenn Bought episode!!!).

Days after painting myself with the help of family and a couple people, a professional painter showed up to offer his services for free as well.

And today, our pastor called on the way to the new house with a king sized bed in the back of his pickup truck.

We are being provided for.


2 Replies to “provision”

  1. God is so faithful, and he builds our trust in himself one bed, one dryer, one sale at a time…like dripping water on a rock, he wears away at our tendency to rely only on ourselves.

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