being brave. aaaaand INTRODUCING:

It’s been a works in process for a long time now. I’m still learning tons. It’s a hobby. I hope it will be a little source of income too. More on all of this later, but for now…

Annie Groves Photography.

On facebook.


4 Replies to “being brave. aaaaand INTRODUCING:”

  1. I am so so excited for you! I am in the same boat!! I was taking pictures for friends and now a few other people have asked me to take their pictures as well. Nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time! You take beautiful pictures and I can’t wait to see this hobby develop into something truly amazing. Love you and we miss your faces!!

  2. Alisha – I love it!!! I thought I spied some little photog action on your part! Awesome. We’ll have to share ideas 🙂 It’s totally scary. And since I don’t know many people I have to do lots of fun awkward self promotion. yay me.

    Kim – thanks so much 🙂 here’s to at least trying something new!

  3. I’m the worst self promoter. Do another giveaway but give a session away? And I am no photog. Still have a lot to learn. (especially on the camera I am still learning to use because Kurt got me a new one for my birthday. Eeee) I think I will start taking it with me everywhere. Practice practice practice. 😉

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