Old Navy gets Active!!! [sponsored-ish]

I had a great opportunity to be a guest blogger for Old Navy’s Active Line. This post is about that!

Oh internet, how I mostly love thee. A few days ago I got a facebook message from an Old Navy employee who said my blog had been referred to her in a search for guest bloggers (thanks Kari!!!) for their new active line, and would I mind checking it out???

Yes please.

I was given permission to take oodles of photos over my hour spent at the store and by golly I did just that. The store was super fun to photograph with lots of vibrant color and neat lines. Nancy, the store manager let me have at it and was incredibly helpful while I observed and snapped away.

The store was busy on a Saturday afternoon, but I must have been asked if I needed anything at least 6 times by 6 different employees, none of whom knew why I was there. I think this means they were doing their job well.

I walked over to the Active Line, noticing first the fun pop of turquoise and pink accent colors over gray and black active wear. Overall presentation made me want to join the gym immediately. I’m a sucker for my surroundings, seriously. As it turns out, I just missed the Courthouse Athletic Club (which is the athletic club my man works for!!!) and their workers passing out free passes to the community. I LOVE when chains involve local businesses. Love, love love!!!

Also great? Their promotion of breast cancer awareness and message of hope for a cure. Men, women and kids in plastic wore shirts (for sale for us non-plastic people of course) promoting the fight against cancer and a healthy lifestyle.

I asked Nancy if I should know anything special about the line and she directed me to their compression duds. Apparently I stepped into Nike without knowing it, because Old Navy has stepped up their game in the athletic (ACTIVE!) attire. Nancy showed me the tags explaining all the zillion functions of each piece and I clicked away! On the back of their compression pants (cropped, legging, bootcut, etc.) is a cute little zipper pocket to store cards, keys, etc. while you workout. Fancy! There were pants/tops for running, yoga, group exercise, pilates… the whole bit.

And holy moly was there a sale going on!!!! 75% off are you kidding?!! I’m not sure how long the sale lasts, but on Saturday those clothes were a steal! See this little rack of sweatpants? I wanted to buy three pairs. Because it’s October and I’m already turning the heater on, except we’re grown ups now and I haven’t lived in a place where my parents have paid for heat in EIGHT YEARS. EIGHT!!! Which means Yours Truly needs to stock up on sweatpants.

After gathering the lay of the land in the store, I scooped several pieces of active wear to try on in the fitting room.

Enter super fun and awkward self portraits on a 50 mm lens!!!

Quite honestly, I would have been stoked to purchase nearly every piece I tried on. The clothes were comfortable, durable and came in a ton of variety. The gray/black theme with splashes of turquoise and pink here and there made it easy to mix and match tops, pants and jackets.

The only piece I wasn’t a fan of was this little jacket:

I tried it in two sizes and I didn’t like how the bottom flared out around my waist. When I was in jr high my cousin and I called them “short fat shirts,” because they were short and flared fat. This jacket fit like a short fat shirt. I’m well aware we have different body types and so don’t you worry Old Navy, I bet it looks awesome on other people. Just “not for me.”

As a little thanks for writing this post, Old Navy gave me a free item from their Active line. The decision wasn’t easy, because there were many to choose from and I went back and forth between several. I went with these little beauties with the fun zipper and cropped leg because I prefer to work out in shorts or cropped pants, no matter the temperature outside (so she says after living in Hawaii for five years):

I really enjoyed my little hour + at Old Navy and am very appreciative of the opportunity to be a guest blogger. Thanks Old Navy!


2 Replies to “Old Navy gets Active!!! [sponsored-ish]”

  1. He he, the pink jacket (which I loathe because of the color) is made for women with short waists and hips, like me! Would probably be awesome for someone with my shape! Thanks for the review!

  2. So funny that you blogged about this because I was already planning on going to Old Navy today as soon as the baby wakes up from his nap. Now I’m even more excited to hit it up!

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