only time for tidbits.

We’re moving in soon!


In a house!

With our stuff!!!!!!!

We’re so excited and antsy and all we do these days is bustle through streets of two towns, pack pj’s in diaper bags, enjoy teens and all their glory on 2-4 nights a week, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint and continue to live out of our car and suitcases.


I’ve had blog posts floating around in my brain for days and they just aren’t making it here. So in the mean time, here are some tidbits from our soon-to-NOT-be transient family:

– El stopped wearing diapers for naptime. YAY!!!!

– El stopped taking naps. I can not emphasize enough at this point how sad and frustrated I am that our not even three and a half year old has ceased midday slumber. ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH! And BOOOO.

– I am obsessed with the paint colors in our house. Can’t wait to show you!!

– Took some pictures last week of new friends. They’re really fun and live on a tree farm! Here’s a few:

– I don’t at all understand photoshop. Makes me feel dumb and overwhelmed.

– I do however LOVE Camera Raw that came with my little photoshop free trial.

– I’m reading through the Anne of Green Gable series instead of the internet at night. It’s really so much better.

– I joined a mama’s Bible study dealio called “Hearts at Home” and I LOVE it. Love love love. It is absolutely the most real, raw, grace-filled woman thing I’ve ever been apart of. Every Thursday from 9-11 I’m surrounded by women in the Exact Same Boat and it’s SO good for my weary little soul. We are in small groups for most of the time, studying through a book called “Guilt-free Mothering” (I know, right moms?!) and it’s just so good. Have I mentioned it’s good? It’s good.

– JD is rocking life here in Keizer. The teens love him. He’s coaching football two days a week (+game, which Ellie LOVES), YL on Mondays and Lakepoint teens on Sundays (I also get to hang out with he and the teen types on YL and Lakepoint nights – weeeee!!!!).

– Claire. Ooooh Claire. Girl cracks me up. When she’s being naughty, she covers her face with her hands so as to disappear under a cloak of invisibility.

– My warm clothes are mostly still in boxes and this has no ill effect until nighttime when all I have to wear to bed is shorts and tank tops. BRRRRRRR!!!!!

– SSSSSSSOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! (we’ll move in).

The end.


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