pair of princesses

Halloween costumes came in a pinch this year. I planned to put the girls in their awesome tutus from Auntie Chrissy, but could not for the life of me find the box containing said tutus. On the fine October day of Halloween in the 11th hour I gathered their flower girl dresses, a couple tiaras from the Target clearance rack ($1 each!) and sparkly shoes from Uncle Pat and Auntie Chrissy’s wedding. Wa la. Princesses.

JD and I initially planned to dress up as ballet spectators in fancy gowns and suits. When the ballerina thing went through I settled on not dressing up (which would have been fine except we had Young Life that evening and leaders showed up in costumes) until I noticed my dreamy man wearing his three piece suit. “We’ll be courtiers!” I wasn’t about to argue with a man dressed like he was, so I wrangled my 27 year old mommy body into the winter formal gown I wore at age 16. Holla! *note: it most definitely did not fit like it did when I was 16, and yes I ripped a seam 😉

Here we are in all our royal glory:



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