The House that Kenn Bought: Paint Edition.1

For an entire month or two, I was obsessed with paint. Ob.Sessed.

I dreamt about paint colors, thought about them while I fed the girls, folded laundry, sat in church (oops), and finally… FINALLY decided.

And I’m so very happy about the way things are looking, color-wise in this dear house. We didn’t have a drop of color on our walls in Hawaii and it always made me a little sad. With this move and living in a place where supposedly gray rules the sky (though I can count those days on one hand so far – YES!), I wanted our home to be a haven of rest, peace, creativity, hospitality and warmth.

Every thing that could be painted in the house, was. Trim included.

We are all pleased with the colors on these walls so far.

Meet: Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Main Bath

Living Room

Before: brown, off-white, white

After: gray, blue accent walls, white trim & fireplace (photo is a wee brighter than actual color)

Dining Room

Before: brown accent wall

After: yellow.


Before: white with off-white trim

After: bistro white on walls and trim

Main Bathroom

Before: awful peachish color.

After: coconut milk

Stay tuned for bedrooms, kitchen and family rooms!!!

***** we’re totally sleeping in the new house btw!!


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