ode to a Christmas Card

Do you have my address? You should get it. We love Christmas cards.

Before we even talk about it, JD usually designates a Christmas card gallery wall with the first cards that come in. It’s about to get festive in this here house that Kenn bought everyone, cuz the cards are coming.

Perhaps more than any other year of our married 5, we are so excited to send Christmas cards. We enjoy checking in with our UCLA buds, childhood friends, family and this year, our Hawaii ohana as well as new Oregon pals.

Our friend Meredith, who knows what to do with a camera, took some pictures of our family while we were visiting in Seattle. By the way. I’ve been to Seattle five times in my life. Every time I go, the sun shines bright and I’m fooled once again into believing that Seattle is actually sunny.

This year, I’m checking out Tiny Prints. They’ve got some gems!

I’m torn between these:

Tiny Prints has a ton of styles and personalized options. Definitely check them out.

What are you doing for Christmas cards this year? And seriously. About our address. Email me at annecgroves[at]gmail[dot]com to get on the wall! *wink*

this post sponsored by Tiny Prints. Thanks!!


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