spending winter days

I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk lately. Mostly because I’m not reading. Our books are still in boxes, waiting for the family room to house said books. And well, not sure I’d dive into any of them right now anyway.

Any suggestions out there?

In other news, we’re all into Christmas here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve done it all so far – cutting the Christmas tree, greeting Santa at the Salem Carousel, making gingerbread houses, decorating the Christmas tree, freezing at the Christmas parade, driving through the Keizer lights with Claire’s “WOW!!! and HO HO HO” MCing our drive, and plowing through Christmas movies. I have a million pictures to post, but haven’t found the energy to import/edit/sort/upload. So stay tuned. Probably.

We are driving through the night Christmas Eve like Santa Claus to arrive in Bako Christmas morning-ish. SOOOOO excited!!!! Bonus? It’s ten degrees warmer and sunny in Bako. Mama’s stoked.

The islands have officially faded from my skin. I’m nearing transparent. Despite several sunny days here in OR, I still dread going outside. Yesterday I laid on the couch by our giant window like a jaundiced newborn, soaking up as much Vitamin D as the piece of giant glass could afford. This morning I forced myself to get the girls out early and hit the gym for a great workout. Beating those winter blues with baby steps.

Meanwhile, my parents are in Hawaii enjoying all of our favorite Hawaiian winter highlights. North Shore, beach, and some of our favorite people on the planet! Not at all jealous.

Despite all the biting cold, we’re enjoying the girls so much. They both think dinosaurs are the greatest thing since creation and much of our play time is spent roaring and pretending to be hatching dinosaur eggs. It’s awesome.

Speaking of… I finished writing this post with my girls like this:

I realize this post was very much a “hi we still exist and in a tiny nutshell this is how we’re doing,” but I had to get something down. Perhaps when I’m done fighting this bug I’ll liven the blog back up.

Until then, how do you spend winter days?


2 Replies to “spending winter days”

  1. LOVE post. Thank you for keeping in touch. Funny that Grandma Burdette is going up while you are coming down. We will be (unless Sean’s schedule changes) driving further down the same time as you to celebrate with family – Andy, Lyndsey, kids, Julie, & Sean. How long are you staying? We will be back to Bako in the next few days. I hope we can see you. I have presents you know 😉

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