The House That Kenn Bought: Paint Edition.2 [Bedrooms]

Let’s cut to the chase. We hated the colors of the bedrooms immediately. JD and I thought a lot about what colors we wanted in our room and gave the three year old [almost] free reign with her bedroom color. Check out what we ended up with!

Master Bedroom

Before: Dark, drab and brown.

After: Valspar lemon sorbet with Bistro White trim.

Our bedroom is still a disaster zone, but we LOVE the color. We bought white bedding and just ordered some white roman shudders for the window. We both wanted airy, peaceful and clean in our bedroom. Now just working on the clean part…

Master Bathroom

Before: odd textured gray paint that looked like an unfinished basement.

( (that’s auntie Vickie in the mirror – she was helping me paint :))

After: Valspar Signature Nautical.

We wanted fun for our bathroom. Bright and fun. It’s still not decorated, but the color will be really fun to work with when we get around to it!


The Girls’ Bedroom

Before: White with wall paper strip in the middle of the room and above closet. I took the wallpaper off before taking the picture, but it was dated blue with zoo animals.

(notice trim is off-white… this is the trim that was all over the house)

After: Valspar Helio Prism with Bistro White trim

Obviously the three year old girl wanted a pink room. And with the bedding they had at the time (my gma’s making new bedding – can’t WAIT to see it!!), pink was the only common color. I had awful visions of pink glowing down the hallway and overpowering the bedroom, but we let the girl choose and we went with it. I looked for a shade of pink that wouldn’t be too dominant and wouldn’t create a pink glow. Specifically I wanted a light pink with a gray undertone. Found it! We all love it. Pink enough that the girls notice, soft enough that mom doesn’t get a headache walking down the hall. We’ve mostly got the girls’ room organized but still not decorated. We’re hoping to get a twin bed for El before we decorate.

Stay tuned for the kitchen/family room! The kitchen is the most drastically different!!!


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