link love… in the raw

My brain is going CRAZY with ideas for our home, this blog, daily living, writing and traveling. Think: preggo nesting IN MY HEAD. Sooner or later it HAS to flush out and be lived. Before another human being enters our lives and everything changes again. Just now? I made lots of holes in our wall. Most of them contain pictures of our girlies on a pink wall above their beds.

Consider this post a pegboard of some of the goings-on in my overrun brain. My very own little ‘pinterest in a post.’

One Young Love

This is my new friend, Hilary. She’s in my mama group and I LOVE her creativity (I love more than her creativity – I’m so glad for her vulnerable and gracious heart in our small group, as well as the fact that she’s ok with me deciding we need to be friends). Her blog is all sorts of inspiration for me to love on our home with creative juices. Sometimes I wish I could steal her for a day and have her transform our house. Check her out!

The Everygirl

Hilary’s blog actually pointed me to this blog – and I LOVE her meal plan feature “Dinner is Served.” I’m going shopping with her list as soon as I finish this post. Even though it’s Wednesday.

Some Thoughts on Self Promotion and Why Arrogant People Think it’s Wrong by Donald Miller

I read Don’s blog regularly, but this post really put to words some of the struggles I’m currently facing regarding writing, blogging, photography, etc. I have this little brother who is an entrepreneur at heart and marketing director by title, and for some reason he really believes in my work. There are a handful of others, close ones who encourage me to pursue creative endeavors, but my brother builds plans and dreams for me. Reading this post today helped me work through some of my gripping insecurity as well as beliefs regarding self promotion and the worth of anything I might put out there to help our family live.

Naptime Diaries

I’m constantly encouraged by her blog. She’s a young mama of three who runs a creative business and is married to a pastor. Her life gets the wheels turning in my head… what if…???

Office Space

Yes, this is one of my pinterest boards. In acting consistent to the ‘link love’ theme, I linked something. But all I’m thinking about is creating some shelving space in our bedroom office for my sweet manly man prior to the wee one also occupying some bedroom space.

Something like this (colors will be different):

Alright. Off to make it happen!!!!


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