Due dates are good for two things: 1) labor 2) a ‘perfect’ day.

Two years ago on March 17, I got both.

In college, my roommate Christie and I pranced around Europe for a summer, creating ‘perfect’ days whenever we wanted. Usually these consisted of LOTS of coffee, gelato, writing, exploring and as many nutella-filled crepes as we could put in our belly. The point of a ‘perfect’ day being, create your ideal day and do it.

When El was born, nine days after her due date, I created LOTS of ideal days to keep my mind off of the whole WHEN WILL SHE COME? bit. The last thing I expected was for Claire to arrive on her due date, but she did. You can read her birth story here (it’s actually one of the most read posts on this blog – 9 lb babies get lots of attention).

Two years later and sweet Claire is our little light. I can’t believe she is a few short months away from being a big sister!


Hi pretty girl. You’re TWO now! I’m much less intimidated by age two than I was the first go around. It helps that you fill our days with sweet snuggles, affection and laughter. I’ve never been around a more snuggly human being than you – my sweet one. You love to melt into us and each time I want it to last forever. Right now, as I type this, you’ve climbed up next to me on the couch and sit contentedly mushed into me. It’s like crack.

Speaking of crack, pink doggy’s still around…

I swear when you’re in labor, there will be no need for an epidural. We’ll just put pink doggy’s tail under your nose and EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE! Also right now? You’re taking a hit of pink doggy’s tail.

Sometimes I still can’t believe we get to have you as our daughter. You and your sister bring us endless joy and we LOVE watching you two love on each other. Yesterday we went to get donuts at Roths, and in your sweet excitement, you ran up to your sister and grabbed her hand and I wanted to die of happiness right on the spot. El adores you. She can’t wait for you to get up for naps and is constantly keeping her eye out for you. So far, this has been for the best.


El: MOM! Cware has her hands in the toilet!

Me: WHAT?! (runs into bathroom)… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU: hahahahahahahaha

Literally, both hands were in the toilet and you were scooping toilet bowl water into your moth.

Girl, I love you so much – but if there is something gross to eat or touch or drink – you’re the one to do it. I’ve caught you MORE THAN ONCE playing with the toilet brush (one time you thought it was a tooth brush….), you love eating out of the trash, toilets are your friends, and you have been known to stick your hands down your diaper… bringing back a nice glob of poo to share. It will be a miracle if you survive toddlerhood.

On a not-gross note: you loooove chocolate milk. Actually, anything chocolate. You call it “NOKOLAT.” Your other favorite food is cheese. If cheese were the only food that existed, you’d be perfectly happy.

Your personality is exploding these days. You are mostly happy and incredibly expressive. You have this coy little smile that just kills us – and girl, you know how to work it. Our biggest issue with you is your escapism from your bed. It’s gotten much better, but when we initially transferred you – you’d walk out of your room holding pink doggy quietly until we noticed you, and then that ridiculous smile would creep on your face and all I could do was laugh. Totally a parenting fail.

You are a little ham. You love to dance and say, “shake your booty! shake your booty!” Anytime music is playing, you’re moving. You also love to roar like a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are you and your sister’s FAVORITE THING EVER.

Your tantrums are mostly tolerable, honestly. We don’t get too worked up over them because they’re either hilarious or easily quieted and they’re mostly sparse. You had your biggest fit the other day when it was waaaaaay past naptime and you were thirsty. All hell broke loose when I wouldn’t give you my coffee. Kicks and screams and wailing!!!! Sorry girl, you’re a second born. I’m just not that phased anymore. Well, except when you drink toilet water. Maybe when number three comes around I’ll be ok with toilet water.

I think you’re going to do just fine as a big sister. You show more interest in our baby to be every day. This morning you patted my belly and gave it several smooches, saying “hi baby, hi baby.” I can’t wait to see you step into your new role.

Clairesy, we love you soooo much. You really do light up our lives. Happy Two, little one.



2 Replies to “Two.”

  1. Gotta love the whole little person that she is, even the toilet incident. She’s funny ,sweet, cuddly and you are so right about that smile. She is full of confidence. Her parents know how to love her to give her that confidence that will equip her for life. She’s sensitive and a perceiver of God. She knows what and when someone needs her special hugs and care. She also has had her big sister who gives her her big incredible unselfish love. Big sisters are a treasure. I should know that very well seeing as how I have 3 older and one younger. I am also excited to see how she takes care of her baby sister. She’ll get tips from her big sister I suspect. Aubi loves you Claire

  2. Annie,
    I just love your “letters” to your daughters. Thanks for sharing them with us….honestly this one made me cry a wee bit just because of how real it is and how deep a mother’s love is for her children. Hope you and baby #3 are doing well! 🙂

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