thoughts spilled from wandering aisles.

We bought shelves to put up today. Piled our kiddos in the van, plopped them in the race car shopping cart at Lowes and lingered aisles in dreams. El wanted flowers, Claire steered, JD landscaped the yard and I soaked. I love LOVE our sweet family and the way God has structured our lives so that we spend so much of it together.

A trip to Target for office supplies and two overtired, cranky kids later and I’m still swooning the sweetness of our life, resting in this crazy absurd setup we’re in right now. Months spent wondering if God would arrive and carry us off into some sort of life arrangement where we could be comfy and cozy in one job with a supportive income. Arriving not in different circumstances but in the sweet stillness of trusting God and enjoying every second of toddler giggles, baby kicks and sweet words with my husband.

He sings and plays and I want time to stay still, let this moment stay. I don’t need a soundtrack but I do need my husband’s voice in song and instrument playing sweet worship in the background. I am at rest and peace when his fingers strum. He is most alive and the gift is well rehearsed.

We are a pair well suited. He, creator of sound and lyric. She, creator of words and pictures. Young in gifting, we practice and pray and trust.

Shelves and beauty will bring peace and order to our shared sanctuary. Space made for work and love and creativity.

I can’t wait.


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