23 [+] weeks

*This should just be titled “22, 23, 24 weeks.” I’ve written a few drafts over the past few weeks and we’ll just get this one out there… it’s late because I was waiting for a belly pic. I am currently 24 weeks huge. Growing every which way possible. Only new news is that baby has found that sweet spot that the babies love, tucked right below my right rib. In a week or so, that spot will grow numb and remain that way until the end of pregnancy. Wee!!!


Once upon a time I lived a super adventurous life. I rock climbed frequently, attempted to summit a mountain but couldn’t because the cute man I’m married to gets crazy altitude sickness, went camping, traveled to Europe for a summer, worked at a summer camp, kayaked, learned to bodysurf biggish waves, etc. Aww… life before kids!

As a result of some of my adventures, I dislocated my knee twice, shoulder once. AND MY STORIES WERE SO COOL! Running down the Half Dome trail, bodysurfing Makapu’u, rock climbing…

Enter motherhood and three pregnancies in four years…

The other day I was talking on the phone to my grandma about 30s fabrics and a quilt she is making for baby3. Phone tucked in shoulder, I grabbed a laundry basket and headed into the garage to wash a load. We have a decent sized step leading into our garage and I mis-stepped – landing all my weight on my left ankle on that cute little bone that sticks out like a tree knot. Isn’t that a pretty picture of domestic life meets pregnancy hormone Relaxin? I very nearly passed out from the pain and am stuck with a cute purpley, swollen ankle and crutches. Did you see the NCAA championship game on Monday? I swear one of those basketball guys had the exact same injury as me. His story is way cooler.

Aside from my loose ligaments, pregnancy continues to trek along much too slowly for my liking, and far too quick for that man I married.

The girls are increasingly excited as my belly grows and often give tummy rubs and kisses to their baby sis. El also likes to pretend Claire is her ‘baby’ and Claire loves to oblige.

Baby girl moves sweetly within, responding often to our voices and touch. El never. stopped. moving. in my belly. Claire moved what I assume to be an average amount. Baby3 moves with us. She is a part of our conversations, our singing and dancing, book reading and playing. When the girls sit close she bumps into both of them and when JD hugs, she kicks at my belly button with soft  little pads. I swear she is making her presence apart of ours even now. We all adore her.

She is mostly nameless, although we’ve known her one middle name for awhile now (all our kiddos will rock a Hawaiian middle name, and we know her non-Hawaiian name). Stay tuned…

I am nervous about birth again. Nervous about timing and if this one is going to go super quick. Nervous about that Ring of Fire. Nervous about transition. I read stories of natural births and I know it’s exactly what I want but the mental preparation needed is not something I take lightly. Even now I’m giving myself pep talks and remembering what it’s like to ‘relax as if my life depends on it.’ The other night I was thinking about whether or not I want to go through with it again – an unmedicated birth. And I do. Given the options, I get most excited about birthing the babes without meds. Until they’re out. Then I want lots of morphine.

Early in the pregnancy I told JD I wanted better photo documentation of the birth (NOT the TMI kind – i.e. not the crotch shot). My dear friend Megan pointed me to a giveaway with just the very thing by an Oregon photographer, and I WON! The best part is I think she and I could be good friends. We’re taking the fam for a visit in May to seal the deal. So excited for sweet hospital newborn photos and hopefully a glimpse of what I hope and pray to be a peaceful birthing experience. Sorry for those of you who have zero interest in childbirth – end birthing talk.

I leave you with two photos of the bump:


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