baby wants.

THIS bath.


I know. It’s fancy and pretty and I don’t usually do this…


I’ve only borrowed baby baths before. Hard, plastic blue baths.

And I spotted this bath and went all drooly in my mouth thinking about putting a squishy little baby in this pretty little diddy (Blooming Bath).

So it’s on my little dream list. I’m not getting paid to advertise, I just saw this on another blog and decided to share on my little web-o-sphere… for all my other pregnant mama friends.


4 Replies to “baby wants.”

  1. Had a more rectangle (raft-type) bath like this for my Andy and Julie. They really are wonderful. This one is cool because it can fit in the sink. Mine was cool because I could rest the babies in the bathtub and use the hand held shower spray to wash them. Really nice. I think you will like this.

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