25 weeks

25 weeks feels like a big milestone. The countdown is shrinking and we’re only five weeks away from ten, nine, eight, seven… three, two, one, BLAST OFF (or OUT – there‘s a pretty picture for you)!!!

The aches and pains are creeping. I huff and puff during night time rotisserie stunts and scooting off couches. My rib threatens to go numb and I push her away, buying my time before the perma-numb. This is motherhood, the constant adjusting and laboring for wee ones who cry and cling and cuddle.

We get to add another one!!! we tell each other, when the girls charm us with creativity and beauty.

Oh my gosh we’re adding one more to this… we say to each other when the screaming and whining will. not. ever. end. amen.

I know this is it.

Our life.

A daily blend of beauty and love and bursts of happiness mixed with  tears and pain and chronic sleep deprivation.

Teething and colds ease into new discoveries and laughter and adventure. The bad with the good, the good with the bad.


Where beauty and redemption surface amidst broken spirits and bad days.

Where Jesus interrupts the hard stuff and offers himself to scared toddlers, weary mamas and frustrated daddies.

Where shadows and darkness make the light better, brighter.

Where gray, cold days make the sunny ones sacred.


I imagine parenting three will bring a magnifying glass to life as I know it. The hard will be harder and the joy will be greater.


My dear sweet daughter,

You are number three. No more or less important than number one or two or perhaps four. You are your own unique creation and we are thrilled to meet you soon. Your sisters ask about you every day and love to feel your kicks and turns. Last night we were laying in bed, the four of us girls. A daughter on either side of me, heads resting on the bump that holds you, and the computer played Wild Kratts while you gave little kicks and nods to each sister as if to let them know that you’re coming soon and you’re a trio forming. Three beautiful girls growing into sisterhood. I wonder if you will like dinosaurs as much as they do, or if you’ll be the girly one. I wonder if there is a sweet, mellow little spirit growing inside of me or if there is perhaps another spunky, strong-willed one similar to the ones before you. We love you regardless. One of the treasures of motherhood is watching you unfold into the girl you were created to be. I know this before I know you. The beauty of being number three is that mama has a few  years of experience and a couple other babes that have gone before you… the surprise is in getting to know you, not in figuring out how to breastfeed or change a diaper or juggle two in diapers. Yes, we will adjust to life with three and figure out how to make two hands enough for three bodies (thank Jesus your daddy is a strong, strong man), but I have a few more tools in my belt now than I did with your other sisters. Only, please don’t be a spitter. I don’t know how to handle that. Your sisters spit up a combo of five times between the two of them and my fingers are crossed that you’ll follow suit. Mama doesn’t do so well with bodily fluids. Well little one, we’re eager for your debut!!!! FIFTEEN MORE WEEKS!!!!!! I’ve already washed the windows and am sooo close to having the house ready for your arrival. You may or may not agree with me if you are ever pregnant with your own, but one of my FAVORITE parts of being pregnant is nesting. I love it. I love being addicted to cleaning and organizing. Because it all goes to you know where once you come and I’ve got to relish it while it lasts.

Enough now, I’m babbling. I love you dear one!





2 Replies to “25 weeks”

  1. Hi there – I stumbled on your blog when I googled the phrase “9lb baby” – is that weird? Kind of, right? Well, moving on…I have enjoyed reading through your posts on Mommyhood and can definitely relate. Not only did I also have a “9lb baby” with my first daughter, I am also expecting my second daughter this July (which they expect to be just as big as her sister…)! It’s nice to find someone online who’s going through the same pregnancy milestones. You have a beautiful family and a great outlook on life. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy – I look forward to following your journey! 🙂

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