26 weeks

I am in the stage of pregnancy where greetings have transitioned from “hey how are you?” to “how are you feeling?” I blame this on the waddle. Observe, exhibit A:

Me: approach friend, waddling.

Friend: notices waddle. Hey there! How are you feeling?

Me: Hey! Feeling pretty good actually, thanks for asking!

This has happened on several occasions. I’m not lying when I tell them I’m feeling good. I am still in that sweet spot of pregnancy where the aches and pains aren’t terrible and I’m certainly no longer puking my brains out. However… if I were to nitpick? Like maybe if that friend had some time and we could be honest about the way our bodies work? I might respond with something like this…

(we can call this exhibit B, because I like to use the word ‘exhibit.’):

Me: approach friend, waddling.

Friend: notices waddle. Hey there! How are you feeling?

Me: long exhale… Pretty good. Except things are feeling crowded in here and I’m freaked out about fourteen more weeks of growing. My belly feels really heavy. Like maybe I should have a pair of suspenders to hold this basketball I’m lugging around? Do they attach those to skin? And when I hold my toddlers it feels like maybe my baby is going to fall out. My rib is numb. Oh and we’ve introduced a new symptom to pregnancy called pelvic pain. Thanks to this being the third pregnancy, everything hurts. My midwife said something similar to my OB with Claire… each pregnancy gets worse and the pain happens sooner. WHEEE!!!! So, you know. I’m doing feeling pretty good! Oh hey is that a bathroom?

There you have it. At 26 weeks, I feel the above. I’m too stubborn, or perhaps prideful and embarrassed to resort to support belts and other fancy preggo supplies, which is perhaps silly since I have no problem telling the universe about all my symptoms. Thank you blog.


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