dot com

I’m excited. Creative energy bursting in all my seams. Finally, a plan – or brainstorm – or vision – or something with a goal in mind!!!!

Have you noticed we’re at dot com status here on the interwebs? That’s right – per a couple persistent family members (ahem brother and father) and some friends who went before me, I bit the bullet and purchased anniegroves [dot] com.

I’ve prayed for this blog, this space and my writing for a while now. Just little prayers here and there. I read blogs and books with clear premises and always get stuck in the “I have none.” No book ideas, really. No themes for the blog. No crafts to sell. No recipes to share. No advice to give. No professional experience to offer (outside of youth ministry… which might come some day, when I’m older and wiser). Grandma says write what you know.

I know how to write about life. I’ve been doing it since jr. high. God has given me the desire and medium to be raw and real with people and himself. A modern day Psalmist without the poetry and song (Yes, I know that Psalms are poetry and song, but I’ve tried poetry and song writing. It’s hilarious). What I mean to say is I see the sentiment in my writing craft as similar to King David’s honest conversations with God about life, sin, brokenness, joy and delight. My joy and my journey has been to find Jesus and gratitude in the mundane, the broken, the simple and the beautiful. When I set out to write about a story, experience or mood, I find Jesus. Sometimes I know the end point when I start writing a blog post – the revelation has come – but other times, the revelation comes in the writing. It’s for me as much as it is for you. Quietly and somewhat slowly, purpose and direction is beginning to make its way on this blog.

And so, dear readers, bear with me. Changes are coming. New features, some cosmetic changes, and hopefully an e-book or two are on the horizon and I’m stoked. I will continue to mostly talk about life: stories of daily living woven with threads of honesty, gratitude and beauty. Pregnancy updates will continue (guys I peed like 25 times the other day. Not cool), but other than that, the stories might get quiet around here for a bit. Oh – and I hear it’s always a good idea to launch a giant project right before your third child is born – so there’s always that.

In the meantime, add to your bookmarks or feed and join me as we head on a new direction in the journey together. I couldn’t do this without your kind words and support… I never would have even dreamed of taking this blog anywhere if it weren’t for the handful of you that encourage and inspire me to keep going. So thanks. And see you soon as we approach week TWENTY EIGHT of pregnancy (hi there third trimester!!!)!!!!


5 Replies to “dot com”

  1. YAYYYYYY! So excited for and proud of you. Big things ahead.

    What you said about the revelation coming in the writing completely resonated with me. I’m the same way. The writing is as much for me as it is for the readers.

    Can’t wait to journey with you in this new creative process! Love you lots.

  2. At first I read, “feed and join me”, and thought, “Wow, that’s bold. Asking people to bring her food.” My brain does mysterious things with sentences sometimes!

    Glad you are pressing on. I think your writing is raw and beautiful.

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