28 weeks

I started to write this from an iron table, poolside in my parents’ backyard. My mason jar filled with Pellegrino, lemon, and ice. Little ones were supposedly tucked for naptime and I was pleased with my completed chunk of reading from War of Art (I recommend. Highly.). Ready to commence on a few writing projects, I started the computer and was just about to let my fingers go when I saw two little chubby hands, then cheeks, and finally lips, press against the glass window.

Hello motherhood!

After vacuuming spilled sand from the ant farm and REtucking little ones into bed, I am here. 28.5 weeks pregnant, visiting in Bakersfield for a surprise Mother’s Day present for my mama, and mildly sunburnt. Imagine! Sun! It does exist and it can heat the earth to insanely high temperatures. Oregon, have you heard?

We’ve planned this visit for over a month now. Not a word spoken to anyone but my dad, brother and sister-in-law, and uncle who picked us up from LAX. The girls walked into my parents’ home, the home I was raised in, and woke nonnie up from her nap. Mouths cannot possibly open any wider than my mother’s when she saw the girls and I. Best surprise ever.

The girls were gems on the flight and drive over here. My 28 week preggo body, on the other hand, not so much.

Full on cankles, swollen everything, and my waddle is entirely out of control. I am thankful for the distraction of caring for my girls because it’s quite possible I would dissolve into the couch for the remainder of my pregnancy. I am only slightly exaggerating.

This past week has been significant. I am resolved to the projects I’ve given myself.

The third trimester of pregnancy is a gift of strength. I feel achy and tired and physically undone. My pelvis might just fall apart.

But honestly? I also feel great.

I keep {mildly} strong with exercise, write and read and fight compulsory phone use so I can mother my babies, enjoy my husband because he’s all sorts of awesome, hang out with teens and nest. All while my innards are pushed up inside my throat and the lower half of my body burns and aches. The third trimester of pregnancy is living proof that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We actually are capable of living well even when our bodies feel like they’re barely functioning. God is just that good. I am given strength beyond what I feel capable of. I sort of love/hate this part of pregnancy/motherhood. My friend Jess calls it ‘mom strength.’ It’s totally legit. It will get me through until delivery and it will sustain me when I have three (oh gosh we’re going to have three) kiddos. Mom strength is grace and I’m asking for lots of it these days.

12 weeks to go!






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