31 weeks

I did it.

Totally gave in.

Yesterday I said enough. Piled the girls into the van, drove the 8 miles to Woodburn Outlets, marched into Motherhood Maternity and bought a support belt.

It’s all kinds of hotness.

I’m not sure it even works…

The label said it was for back pain, although I was told by a few resources that it should help my pelvic pain and other really fun pregnancy-related symptoms. Instant relief, this little contraption promised. The store clerk helped me put it on. I sort of just stared at her. The girls sang the chorus of Party Rock at the top of their lungs. Am I supposed to feel the relief now? I ask. The woman looks at me. You don’t?

I bought it anyway. Surely it will come in handy somehow. I wear it around the house when I do dishes and vacuum. I don’t like how it makes my sides stick out under my clothes so it will mostly be a stay-at-home contraption. I probably should have worn it when I played Duck Duck Goose with the girls earlier today. Maybe then I would have felt the instant relief.

I made the mistake of looking at a picture of my pregnant self with Claire. I was smaller. All around smaller. Somehow I managed to stay smaller with her than with El. Which is probably why I was so shocked to see the scale read “9lbs. .02 ozs” with her screaming naked body on it. Maybe this baby will be 7 pounds.


I’m thinking about birth a lot.

We drove to Hood River to meet our new friends, Erin and Pete. Erin will do our birth photography. She and I are so alike it’s creepy. Both formerly in vocational ministry, now mamas to two girls (Erin you better go have number three now so we can keep this going) and pastor’s wives (hahaha I’m a pastor’s wife – that still sounds hilarious to me). Both advocates of natural childbirth with not-so-secret aspirations of becoming doulas. Both like photos, although Erin is waaaay better at photography than me. She’s even schooled in the whole bit!ย  Check her out here. She and Pete have chickens, roast their own coffee, spread vegetables all over their yard to garden and harvest, and bake chocolate bread. JD wants chickens now. Oh, and we both like to write. I’m totally lamenting the fact that Hood River is 2 hours away.

Back to birth. It’s apparently coming up, eh? Like I actually have to go through the whole contraction/pushing thing again. And soonish.

We toured the hospital last week. I’m sold. It reminds me a LOT of the hospital we delivered Claire in, and I absolutely loved my experience there. I’m totally digging our midwives and have complete confidence in our setup for this baby. I just need to immerse myself in natural childbirth propaganda because, as much as I love it and want to do it with all my babies, I’m not new to the experience and I need some really great mental preparation. You know, for the pending ring of fire. I’m looking to pick up a copy of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth in the next few weeks to prepare myself before the big day. And because I get an odd thrill out of reading literature about birth. Don’t judge.


My baby shower is coming up this week! We saw baby three last week and in squiggly lines we think she looks like the girls. I’m slowly bringing order to all of our girl clothes (seasons, sizes, etc.)… countdown is on. 9 weeks to go. Boom.


Before I sign off here – El just came in and snuggled next to me from her afternoon rest time. She asked what I was doing and I told her I like to write and am working on a blog post. She asked, “what are you working on?” I told her it was about me being pregnant. She said, “about being pregnant? And beautiful?” Seriously? I die. Love her.


6 Replies to “31 weeks”

  1. Hope the beautiful belt gives you some relief. Maybe it takes a bit for it to fully “kick in”. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think I still have my copy of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I will check. If so, you can totally borrow it. Too bad we don’t have her “Farm” out here as an option. Ha. Love El’s quite. Sometimes our little ones know just what we need.

  2. Awww… sweet El! Hoping and praying it all goes well, Annie! Like a dream! I devoured Ina May’s book with my first pregnancy. I find birth stories so fascinating. Kinda weird, but oh well! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you! xx

  3. You had me laughing so hard with the pregnancy support belt. Hope it helps. The first half of Ina May’s book is all inspirational birth stories, which I know you love. Eeeeee, excited for you!

  4. @ Kari – Oooh! If you still have it I’d love to borrow it! And yes. Amazing how our kiddos can say just the right thing ๐Ÿ™‚
    @ Diane – haha I think it’s definitely something I’d love to do ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the bit about having time
    @ Rebekah – thanks Rebekah!! Oh me too. I love them.
    @ Christie – hahaha I wish someone was there with me ๐Ÿ™‚ oh you know girl.

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