Invasion of that Sweet Imagination {Guest Post over at Mama OT}

My daughter, just shy of four years old, gave herself an imaginary name that stuck with us for well over two months. If you and I were to meet in the park as complete strangers and we went through the formalities of introductions, my daughter would have introduced herself as Kada (Kay-duh). It might go something like this:

You: Hi! What’s your name?

Me: My name is Annie, and this is Ellie and Claire.

Ellie: My name’s not Ellie! It’s Kada!

Me: (Somewhat nervous at her daughter’s insistence upon being called an imaginary name) She likes to be called Kada…

You: Ooooh… Nice to meet you!

Pretty soon, strangers in the park, her friends, and sometimes Yours Truly were calling this spunky three year old by a name she completely dreamed up on her own.

Enter the world of imagination…

Read the rest of my post here.


Today I’m blogging over at Mama OT!!! Check out my sweet friend Christie who has started a really awesome blog called Mama OT. Christie is an Occupational Therapist specializing in kiddos. Her passion is seeing children reach their full potential, and her blog serves as a resource for people who care for children. Please check it out and enjoy my post on our experience with imagination!


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