32 weeks

My sweet friend Meredith took a train down from Seattle to shower me with all her Mere-goodness. It is by the grace of God that two island girls landed in the Pacific Northwest within a month of each other. She and her guys are moving sometime December (something about being in the Coastguard and moving around  a lot), but we try not to think about that much. I’m so grateful she brought her beautiful self, that bitty baby bump, and her camera for the quick trip. Special thanks to her husband Jared who stayed with baby Jackson in Seattle. Meredith, being the fantastic photographer that she is, was gracious enough to snap a few (or over 600) photos of the shower and our growing family this weekend. Thanks Mere!!!

My shower was put on by the gals in my mama group. I am so so so grateful for them and the way they love. God has put together an amazing little community of mamas in our small group. These girls have made a difficult move less difficult.

Pink and yellow decorations, brunch food with an abundance of homemade goodies and fruit, coffee, sweet conversation and prayer made up two sweet hours of showering at my friend Araya’s house. It was perfect.

Here are a few a lot of my favorite photos from our little front yard maternity photo shoot. Poor Mere, I’m sure this was the most difficult shoot she’s ever done – difficult background (streets and cars and houses!!), two overtired wee girls, direct noonday sunlight, and a giant belly to navigate. I love these photos though – they feel so us. Lots of snuggles and laughter, and a daddy who dotes on all his girls with flowers, giant man arms, and pretty things.

Baby girl, I’m excited for you to join us in the outside world!


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