A Blog Makeover

*** Addendum: Changed the name again. I ask for your patience.

Hi there! I’ve made some pretty exciting changes to the blog in the past few weeks, with the most notable changes taking place today!! Here is a walk-through of the changes made at anniegroves.com:

New Title Welcome to Simple Rituals. Please visit the “about simple rituals” page to learn more about the new title. A blog title has been a long time coming for me. Initially I wanted to stick with Annie Groves, but I felt like it didn’t provide much premise for the blog. I found the term “simple rituals” in a Real Simple magazine, used to describe the beauty and simplicity of being present in small moments. Read more about Simple Rituals here.

Sponsors!!! Please, please check out the new sponsors on my page. I am excited to feature blogs, etsy shops, and business endeavors at Simple Rituals. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email me at annecgroves[at]gmail[dot]com for monthly rates and more information. I will also offer periodic sponsor specials, so please inquire!!!

New Layout I realize the new layout might be confusing at first, but please bear with me! You can still find all the same good stuff that’s traveled with me for 8 years of blogging.

  • Posts: All my posts are cropped and placed right in the center of the page. To read the whole post, simply click the header image or blog title.
  • Pages, Recent Posts, Categories, and Archives (since 2005!!) are located on the left sidebar.
  • Menus: This is a new feature for me, but you can find three menus located at the bottom (footer) of my blog. I’ve created Concept Menus of the three main themes found in my blog: Life, Mama Stuff, and Sacred Rituals.
  • Sponsors are located on the right sidebar.
  • Subscribe by email: In order to subscribe to my posts via email, please sign up for email subscription (located in the right sidebar)!!

I’m so excited to finally have a little direction for the blog. Keep on the lookout for new content as well as more of what you {and I} already love. I’ll continue to post bits of photography, pregnancy updates, and my scribbled thoughts on life, but I hope to have more focused content in the near future as well. Please join me on this journey and subscribe to Sacred Rituals!

Thank you for reading. Your readership and kind words keep me going.


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