34 weeks

Internet, meet delicious donuts. Donuts, meet internet.

In my earlier pregnancies I would have scoffed at donuts and asked for a cheeseburger or steak instead. Not with this little girlie. Donuts, scones, baked bread… she’s all about the sweet carbs. Thankfully, as I’m no longer puking, these cravings are more like guilty pleasures that I allow myself once (maybe twice) a week. Donuts are more of an ‘every two weeks’ sort of splurge, but when we get them, I eat two. And a half.

Please note the five pink frosted donuts with sprinkles. On the day that marks 34 weeks, I am hanging out with five little girls, ages 5 and under. They all benefited from my pregnancy cravings (the chocolate ones are for mama) and played outside for an hour to burn off the sugar. Mmmm.

Baby girl is active within. She is still the most responsive babe-in-utero I’ve carried. In the most obvious way that she can, baby girl has made her way into our family. She is with us already. The girls love to talk with her, rub my tummy, give kisses, and pretend that my belly is a jungle gym. The latter wears on me a bit, but I adore the snuggles.

Physically I’m just hanging in there. I’ve adjusted to the aches and pains that come with this part of pregnancy and have resolved myself to focusing on the countdown.

6. MORE. WEEKS. !!!!!


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