35 weeks

It feels surreal to type it out: 35 weeks. I was sure I was going to be stuck between 30-34 weeks for-EV-er. Amazingly enough, time actually does march on and here we are, just prior to the 36 week countdown. I love/hate this part of pregnancy. I am scratching away at the Nesting list and am getting pretty darn excited to meet this little girl. I really dislike how it feels though. Physically… awful. There is no such thing as “getting comfortable” anymore. Sitting hurts. Standing hurts. Sleeping hurts. Eating hurts. And while I’ve fallen asleep TWICE on the couch this week while the little ones play or watch morning shows, I’m thankful for the distraction of caring for the girls while I grow this baby.

Speaking of the girls and falling asleep… this morning El woke up at 5:30 and not in the “lay in your bed and wait” sort of way, so I was up EARLY. At some point between 7:45 and 8:15, I fell asleep and Claire woke up. Around 8:20 I woke up to find Claire sitting on the bar stool eating leftover Texas sheet cake with her bare hands. I thought she was eating cherries at first, and because she refuses to eat cherries without swallowing the pits, I said, “Claire no cherries!!!” To which she replied, “no cherrrrrieeeeess.” Good girl. And that’s when El piped in, “mom, she’s not eating cherries. She’s eating chocolate.” Thank you eldest. Sure enough, Claire was eating chocolate cake and exclaimed, “MMMM…. LICIOUS!!!!” I just laughed. And finished her piece.

On Friday I surprised JD with a day date. Dropped the girls off at aubi’s house and woke up JD to a day doing whatever he wanted, without kiddos. It was soooo good for the both of us. Part of our adventure included grabbing coffee and walking to the downtown book store, where we both bought books. Back in my 31 week post, I mentioned needing some good natural childbirth propaganda to boost my confidence in the whole birth department. Internet, I grabbed all the propaganda I’ll need:

A few hours reading this gem and I’m sold. But for some reason I can’t get Johnny Cash out of my head…. “…burn, burn, burn, the ring of fire…”



I’m excited about the next few weeks for our family: El’s birthday, youth group local mission trip that I’m certain is going to rock our worlds, and a family camping trip two weeks before my due date. (!!!!!)

Less than 5 weeks to go!!!!!!



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  1. annie, so excited you’re having a third!! it’s the best! enjoy your last month of pregnancy as best you can. enjoying reading about your journey!

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