quick hello

Please excuse the lack of creative content on the blog lately. I’ve been thinking, pondering, praying LOTS about our family, this blog, my pursuit of creative endeavors, the way I spend my time, etc. In addition to the non-writing but much-thinking, I’ve had some awesome opportunities to work on photography/writing for other people/businesses, and this blog has taken the back burner a bit. Not to mention the fact that we celebrated year FOUR for the eldest girl, are preparing for a local mission trip TOMORROW, and I’m finally tackling the areas in my home that MUST be functional (and beautiful!) before baby arrives.

All that to say… sorry for only pregnancy updates. I’m hoping to get more organized in my blogging endeavors soon, but for now…(ooooh! Contractions! Yes!) … as I was saying, for now, I ask for your grace and thank you for your readership.

36 weeks update coming soon, as well as a post for that sparkly four year old in our life! And hopefully soon, a little bit of what’s been swirling around in my head for a while.


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