36 weeks

The little one cuddles next to me. I’m extra attentive to her these days. Often content to be in her own world, I’m aware that she could get lost in the next few weeks. Her hands are sweet on my belly, giving soft pats and whispered words to baby sister. Mostly, she says, “baby in belly?” But it sounds like, “babies in beyyeees?” Everything is plural. It will be a transition for her as much as for the rest of us, but two year olds tend to add their own bit of fun and flare to life transitions. As I prepare and pray for birth and the arrival of a newborn in our family, I remember to pray for her sisters. The girls who will teach her to roar and wrestle and dress in ruffles and sparkles.

I love having girls.

Strangers in the grocery store always ask, “do you get a boy this time?” And I get it – we were hoping for a boy at some point as well, but honestly? I’m thrilled to be having another girl. Always, always there is a sympathetic glance from the stranger when I say no, as if having three girls is their worst nightmare (I’ve actually been told that). Will it be crazy? Yes. But God is the one who orchestrates our family, and He knows what He’s doing. There is divine purpose  in our family make up of mostly estrogen.

36 weeks is so significant. As if on cue, my body is starting to experience contractions that mimic early labor. Think – braxton hicks meets cramping. I told JD the other day that I was surprised that I wasn’t having painful contractions this go around. I jinxed myself, because one day later and here they are! They don’t bother me. The discomfort that keeps me up at night is all that glorious relaxin making its way into my pelvis, causing each toss and turn and getting out of bed to be pretty uncomfortable. Add to this the fact that I get up to pee at all hours of the night and by all means, bring on the contractions.

This week we celebrated Elianna’s fourth birthday by having a Dinosaur-themed BBQ with friends and family (more on that later). Pregnancy brain has taken full effect, as I completely forgot the time I told people for the party and was in the shower with dirty dishes still out when the first guest arrived. (Wa waa). Despite the late scramble and the rain, it was a special evening for El and for us and after the girls were tucked in, I took full advantage of the belly shelf:

36 weeks marks the beginning of the weekly checkups. I love the anticipation building up to the big fat ??? of when. Just enough time to really get busy with final preparations but not soooo much time that it completely drags by (that comes at 38 weeks). My body is definitely preparing for baby’s escape and mentally, I’m almost there as well.

May July bring the sun and a baby!!


One Reply to “36 weeks”

  1. Annie, I still love to read your writings…even at 537am 🙂 I hope we can touch base someday after your third girl is born! I would seriously live to just catch up and plan a day that we can see each other’s faces again 🙂 blessings to u and your huge family!!

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