37 weeks {a most very loaded update}

I am anemic. With every pregnancy, come third trimester, I am told my hemoglobin count is low and I should supplement with iron. Maybe with El, I obeyed. Maybe. For whatever reason, perhaps because people often shake it off, I just sort of ignored my anemia. The midwives are thorough, however, and today I was caught. Prior to the finger prick, my midwife informed me I would be checked again to see how my iron levels were. Being my third pregnancy, the risks that come with anemia are slightly higher. She gave me a friendly finger wag for not taking my iron supplements and I was tested.

The tiny drop of blood revealed a 6.8 hemoglobin count… it should be at or above 12. Instead of heading home, I headed to the diagnostics lab for some blood work, just to make sure iron is the only thing deficient in my blood. I await the results. Your level is what I would expect from someone who just hemorrhaged, Liz the midwife tells me. My second stop, on the way home from the midwives, was to the grocery store for some orange juice and iron. To be taken three times a day.

And then I accidentally drove the wrong way down a one way street.

How was your day? <insert emoticon 😉 here>

I cut bangs yesterday. Woke up with the urge to snip and a sleeping house. Grabbed my phone for an online tutorial and went to town. Sometimes my impulses aren’t great. But sometimes they work out just fine.

Seeing as I’m on a role with working this post backwards chronologically, I might as well mention that we finished up our local mission trip with the Union Gospel Mission on Saturday. For three nights we camped in an incredible overgrown Christmas tree farm and then drove to different sites around Salem/Keizer to work, eat, and lead chapels for the local shelters. I wrote a few thoughts about our experience here.

We bookended our time together with a trip to the water park (indoors!!!!) and Bullwinkles, a family fun place with go-karts, bumper boats, ropes course, etc. You guys, I dragged my 37 weeks preggo body to the campsite and slept on the ground for two of the three nights. And… it was just as uncomfortable as I imagined, but I’m glad I did it.

A friend asked what my favorite takeaways were from our little trip, and quite honestly, it was bonding with our sweet students. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to hang out with the teens outside our weekly programming and it was so refreshing to spend four days with them.

Another highlight? Watching my husband. There were so many questions about our calling and gifting lingering in our hearts after leaving Hawaii, and in many ways, accepting the job here was like giving it another test run. Are we really called to this? One year later and JD has exceeded my hopes and expectations as the sole youth pastor. I constantly (constantly!) thank God for clearly showing us that JD is doing exactly what he should be right now.

Our life is so full and rich, even with the crazy logistics of working two part time jobs. My heart is at peace and I know we will bring in baby girl number three with gladness because God is continually shining his face on our lives. We’re so grateful.




5 Replies to “37 weeks {a most very loaded update}”

  1. Love your bangs! LOVE your bangs! Today I was missing Annie so I went back to make sure I didn’t miss any posts… and read a couple again. Been praying for you baby bump and for you! You amaze me.

  2. @ Kari – thanks friend!!! I was super apprehensive to camp but so glad I did it.
    @ Steph – I miss me some Stephanie.

    @ Dana – tHANKS!!!

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