40 weeks

Turns out, today is my due date… not July 28. The way I see it, we just bought ourselves a little time. Induction for the natural birth lovers is atrocious.

Saw the midwife today. She stripped my membranes and said I was dilated3 during a contraction, 2 at rest. Not much has changed in a week, but then I’ve never dilated beyond 2 before labor.

There is the temptation to be stressed. JD took this week off and my mom’s flight is scheduled to leave August 9. It would be spectacular if baby came ASAP.

I pray and am convinced that God is quite aware of these details. Flights can be pushed back, work schedules can be rearranged. Still, I pray and ask that she come soon.

My body allows for flurries of contractions that strengthen and grow in rhythm and then peter out. I am familiar with this pattern. It happens each time.

In the meantime, we fill our days with adventure, LOTS of walking, Olympics, great food, shopping and orange lipstick, belly laughs, backyard campouts, and sweet time with our girls and nonnie. Each day I give thanks for our time together. I know HE is good and knows us well.


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