Laboring in 5:00 traffic {introduction part two of Melia Jean’s birth story}

****This is part two of my introduction to Melia Jean’s birth story. As the labor was broken up into a few parts, I wanted to capture the earlier bits in two different posts. You can read the first part here.


Of course I had an elephant ear. How could I not?

This is the order of things that happened at the zoo, from that first contraction to the car ride home:

1. Contraction.

2. Tell JD about contraction, say I’ll meet up with him later.

3. Stand in line for an elephant ear, have another contraction.

4. Tell mom.

5. Go pee, have contraction.

6. Finish elephant ear.

7. Find girls and head toward exit.

8. Takes 8,000 years to take girls potty, wash hands, change diaper, have contraction.

9. Load up.

10. Recline in car, have contraction.

11. Enter 5:00 traffic in Portland, have contraction(s)

While I didn’t feel the need to rush in the zoo (because of all the false alarms in earlier weeks), I do regret hopping in the car to head home in five o’ clock traffic. My back was kah-illing me, the girls were cranky and hungry, and I was breathing through significant, albeit irregular, contractions. They were coming anywhere from 8 minutes apart to even 40 minutes apart, but each one came with a swell and was cause for me to close my eyes and breathe.

With each mile and contraction, the pain worked its way into the center of my lower back, to the point where sometimes I wondered whether it was a contraction or back ache from all the walking.

Meanwhile, two little girls sat in the backseat, overtired and hungry. Read: cranksville and whine-fest. We pulled over to grab some chicken strips for the car, at this point anything to quiet their hungry little mouths. Hindsight, we should have grabbed dinner at the zoo. But there is not room for hindsight when a woman, 40 + weeks pregnant says it’s time to leave the zoo. Nor is there room for hindsight when you stumble upon a freeway on-ramp that spills into lanes of red lights.

Somehow, we made it home.

The next hour or so was a blur. I don’t remember how often contractions were coming or if they even came at all.

My mind was one-tracked:

Get the girls to bed as soon as possible and as if everything is normal and right in the world.

*** Stay tuned. The next part will be the good stuff.


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