2 month Melia

Our Melia girl is just over two months. Being the third, I forgot to document her first month. By three weeks, Melia rocked a seven hour stretch of sleep at night. The next night she got her first head cold. It’s been off and on since then as El has started preschool, our mama group began, and we’re rocking the childcare at the gym. Welcome to cold and flu season girlie girl.

Melia continues to be our easiest baby, with the exception of her one vice: the carseat is her enemy and anyone within earshot, including the truck driver with his windows up, can hear this baby scream. One benefit? The drive-thru Starbucks barista had compassion on me and gave me a drink on the house.

Carseat issues aside, this girl is a DREAM. We can’t get over what a joy she is to our entire family. Her sisters adore her. Zero animosity toward the third sister.

Melia was our smallest at birth, but girl is strong. From the earliest days she had incredible head control. She rolled a few times earlier, but by 5 weeks she was consistently rolling from tummy to back. Currently, M weighs in at 11 lbs. 11 ozs. and 22 in. long. Just right.

Her personality is infectious.

One of my favorite parts of Melia Jean…  When the sun hits her head just right, red stares back.

In most light, it’s auburn. But outside in the bright sun, we have a red head. Can’t wait to see what happens when it grows out.

Melia, you bring us days filled with joy. Thanks for making the third baby the easiest transition we’ve gone through as a family.





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