she’s here, that autumn season.

When you drink coffee roasted and brewed in Oregon for long enough, Starbucks begins to taste… well, less than. Yesterday I drove in the rain to pick up a package of whole bean Stumptown Hair Bender, because the rains are here and Starbucks whole beans just won’t do. I am determined to be less of a weenie this year with the weather, but let’s be honest. It’s hard. October was gracious to give us an extended summer. As if the bulk of who Oregon is ran away for a bit and gave us something of a spectacular gift: the sun. She’s back, though, and we are on dreary day number two. I have switched my coffee order from iced to hot. Scarves were pulled out and the tubs of winter clothes lay spilled over in our bedroom. I might buy a pair of boots today. Because nothing says “I love the fall” like a pair of good boots. And I owe it to my family, to Oregon, to myself… to love this fall weather.

We will jump in fall leaves.

Make placemats out of dried leaves and wax paper.

Drink hot beverages and make pumpkin bread.

Wear boots and scarves and raincoats.

Escape to California for two and a half weeks for the sun and the delicious scent of a newborn baby.

Exhaust the list of pumpkin patches on country roads near Salem.

Cheer on the boys in blue playing football on the field from crowded stands with beanies and warm gloves.

Take the wee babe to Portland over night for an anniversary present to ourselves, where we will drink cups of the best coffee in the world.

Hello fall. We’ve had a shaky relationship the past few years, being so schizophrenic with hot and cold, but you are here again and I’m determined to live. To find joy right where I’m placed and trust that the God who set us here is not only good, but also better than our circumstances.


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