Foto Fifty Project

My friend Erin invited me to join a group of photographers who’ve taken on the personal project of taking a photo a week for fifty weeks. Each week carries a different theme.

Friends, I believe Photo of the Week just got a bit more organized ;).

I’ll be posting on my photography website, but figured it might be ok to double dip on this site as well.

You can check out the other incredible photographers on our flickr group here.

Here are my weeks 1-3

Week One: Self Portrait

On my way to a shoot, hair of choice these days, next to my favorite window

Week Two: Feet

who doesn’t love two left shoes, mismatched sparkles, and dress to twirl?

Week Three: Food

measuring blueberries for the tiniest mouth’s 6 month puree.

I’m SO excited about this project… for focus and encouragement and accountability. It’s easy to forget about the camera outside of shoots. That little phone takes decent enough photos I suppose… But nothing beats bringing out the big guns to document life.


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