Melia, month 6 (a good couple weeks late)

Thee influenza struck our eldest child on Saturday, although it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I figured out what we were dealing with. Thank you webMD and “the word on the street.” Claire woke up to a fever and asking for “dinner” of peanut butter and jelly at 6 am, that still sits untouched. Blasted my forgetting to immunize against it this year. Ho hum.

The youngest one is still cool to the touch and currently on all fours, rocking back and forth like a champ. She’s SO proud. I do believe she’s accomplished this feat a good month or so younger than her older sisters, who preferred to roll everywhere.


Lia girl and I went on a super extended mommy/daughter date to Oahu a couple weekends ago. Friends who are far too generous for words put me on a plane to surprise a couple of favorites for birthday and baby shower celebrations. Melia was a dream, and traveled four plane rides without much fuss at all. I’m beyond grateful for the ease of this sweet babe. She is full of joy and affection, and we still can’t get enough of her.


Before influenza started working its way into our home, Melia surprised us with three nights of sleeping right on through. HALLELUJAH. Thank you white noise machine, solid food, and all the powers that be for making this blessed event take place. Last night, we were up four times. One step forward, two steps back, eh?


So far, in the solid food department, I keep forgetting to buy baby food so little M is favoring homemade butternut squash, blueberries & oatmeal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and applesauce. I put forth a valiant effort of making peas, but being the distracted cook that I am, managed to burn the peas and pan black. We’ll try another day.

In other news, Melia is no longer napping with the swaddle {Weeee!!!!}, AND she’s rolling this way and that way and every which way, AND efficiently taking her pacifier in and out of her mouth. Oh! Almost forgot. She says “mama” and “da,” usually when she’s upset and wants to nurse. Big big milestones for a wee one, yes?


The morning El got sick, I read something about sickness and how it offers us time to rest. How we step back from normal life and veg with sore throats and fevers. Made it seem kind of romantic. But the TIMING of this bug is killing me. I’m slotted to doula my first births with mamas due this coming Sunday and Wednesday and no amount of hand washing and sanitizing and vitamin popping can keep me immune when small children long to snuggle. I find myself praying for healing, and timing, and offering every bit of me that longs to control the uncontrollable to a God who is sovereign and sees me. Trusting and waiting and surrendering to the possibility that it might not all work out just like I want it to.

Melia, I love you. So, so glad for you.


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