photo of the week {foto fifty week 6}


We were laid up all week with the flu. The oldest (pictured) came down with it Saturday, and by Thursday, the five of us were laid out on couches, watching movies and reading books, sipping fluids constantly. I had no idea how I was going to capture “joy.” But then I remembered that joy isn’t happiness, and that joy isn’t dependent on our circumstances. And so for the entire day, I had my camera out. Snapping away at our lives, fevers and all. On my way to a nap in my fuzzy brown robe, I head this little girl giggle. Grabbing the camera, I found her laying on the couch with her own propped up book stand, laughing at the pictures of William and Martha. I was so glad to find a moment of joy – of our Elianna Joy devouring literature and finding pleasure in one of life’s greatest gifts.

Next week I plan to do a “day in the life of” post, because I literally took pictures of our entire day. Stay tuned!

For a glimpse of what the other ladies are doing, check our flickr group.


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