flu and photos {‘a day in the life’ of post}

We 5 had the flu for ten straight days. Within those days, we didn’t go anywhere, save Target and the grocery store. My photo challenge for the week last week was capturing “Joy,” and it sent me on a big ole journey in my head, thinking about what Joy is, and how to capture it – particularly when the flu bug sucked life from us. On Thursday, I decided to carry my camera around with me all day, in hopes of capturing some semblance of joy.

Joy is not happiness.

It’s deeper, less dependent on circumstances, more alive.

It’s everywhere and can exist anytime.

I believe in my gut that joy exists because Jesus allows it to, that we were made for joy.

I also believe that in winter seasons, life still brims joy.


Also? If I may be perfectly candid before you view photos from our day…

Sometimes getting my camera out makes me a better mom. Because I create experiences to photograph. But it’s not always honest. I don’t always have photo-worthy days. For this particular post, I tried to be as honest as possible about our day, with the understanding that the camera sometimes brings the life. I wish I always created “joyful experiences” for our kids. I’m still figuring that out. Balancing who I am and am made to be with who they are and made to be. Without sacrificing too much of the good stuff. Sometimes, bringing my camera out makes me a worse mom. Too much clicking, too little playing. It’s a juggling act. Every. single. day.
















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