photo of the week {foto fifty week 8 – STORY}

Life IS story. We are all part of a greater story, and we each live our own stories.

JD and I want to live a good story. We want to teach our kids about living a good story.

Story is why JD pastors and why I pastor with him and why I take pictures and write and why we live in community. Story is why we believe in hospitality and trusting God with everything we know and have. Story is why we open our home to kids once a week, with food and laughter. It’s why we gather on Monday nights with 80 + teens and sing and dress crazy. It’s why I stood in front of 600 teens at 5 months pregnant with one of our teen girls and danced hula as part of a talent show.

Our Story is HIS story.

This week I had the opportunity to witness a birth (a story just beginning), take my middle daughter to breakfast, watch the sisters read and dance and laugh and make believe, dance in the kitchen with my husband, and have coffee with leaders. All of it could have been a picture worth posting this week.

Instead, I chose a picture form our Young Life banquet last night. I was asked to photograph the event, and as always, viewing life from behind a lens gets my wheels turning and all I could think about was STORY.

We do Young Life because we believe in a good story.

Pictured here is JD’s Young Life leader and Keizer’s former Area Director, Jeramy Williams. Without his influence, JD wouldn’t be the man he is today. I’m thankful for his part in JD’s story.

On the widescreen is one of our students.

In front of hundreds of people, he is telling his story.

And it’s a good one.



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