photo of the week {foto fifty week 15 – imperfect}

Ah geez what a theme! I spent the whole week looking at my house, snapping pictures of the mess we make of our living space each day. Of the laundry that never. ends. (and rarely gets put away).

imperfect 3

Of wall sockets that still need covers and chipped paint and dirty floors. Of the house that will never ever be pinterest perfect.

But at the last second, I decided to change my focus.

I’ve been thinking about character a lot lately. How we work through our imperfections and try really hard to be on our best behavior with each other and with God, and how none of that really works because God never asked us to “try harder.” Character building is much more in the surrender. In the offering of our broken, messy selves to the Only one who makes us whole.

And then I started thinking about dishwashers.

Every married couple works through domestic issues during their first year of marriage. Ours was the dishwasher. He was meticulous about the way it was loaded. She could care less.

I didn’t know it was possible to have hurt feelings over dishwashers, but somehow we managed. It was the first opportunity for mutual submission – and really, the beginning of surrendering to God the imperfect pieces of ourselves that Jesus needed to redeem.


These days, our dishwasher looks like a little bit of her and a little bit of him.

As always – please check out our Foto Fifty group on flickr: Foto Fifty


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