summer gratitude

He came in the door, fist full of carrots and beets, dirt still caked on roots. I was given charge of scrubbing and peeling while he prepared meat. We made dinner together over stemless wine glasses filled red and I thought aloud, “this feels like us again.”

claire (1)

Within four months, the two year old turned three, the four year old turned five, my photography business grew to an average of 1-3 shoots per week, the girls and I flew to California while JD went to Young Life camp before driving to us in Bakersfield for a week and then the five of us drove back to Oregon in time for JD to go on a man’s weekend and come home early so I could shoot my first wedding the week before we all headed to another camp where JD was the camp speaker. Next week the baby turns one.

claire (2)No wonder it’s been quiet here.

And no wonder it took an evening roasting garden vegetables and eating ice cream out of coffee mugs to reclaim the life that so beautifully fits our marriage. Sunshine spills over Oregon and the earth is ripe for harvest. Berries on thorny branches and vegetables in backyard gardens and fields of golden wheat are summer in Oregon and I am almost giddy. The girls play hard and crash late into the well-lit evening. We grab friends and float the lazy Willamette, sun tanning our faces, thankful for friendship and community. Thankful that even smack dab in the middle of a crazy season, we can find ourselves again, remembering the gift we have in each other and thankful to the Giver who is generous beyond comprehension.

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