photo of the week {foto fifty weeks 30-33}

Guys. Some day I’ll get back to blogging one photo each week as it lines up with the week’s theme. Until then, looks like it’s another catchup post!


Week 30 {books}. I love that this stash is always revolving.

stripes (2)

Week 31 {stripes}. These loves, that chunky leg, and those peach colored stripes just get me.

looking back

Week 32 {looking back}. Each of these photos represent this week’s theme. (L) At the end of a senior photo session, I set my camera and asked the aspiring photog senior to snap a few. This week marks year 29 for yours truly – and always calls for a time of looking back over the past year. (R) Most of my journals kept since 2000. Found a few others after snapping this photo. I’ve written in a journal consistently since 1998 – they are some of my most prized possessions.


Week 33 {balancing}. Melting cones stacked high in little hands = balancing.


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