on arriving.

Mama, can you put “shoulda putta ring on it” on your phone?

She asks in the car on the way home from Costco. Pandora is serenading us with Christmas music as we cruise along ocean shores deep with blue.

Of course she wants Beyonce.

Today was sort of exceptional. December in Hawaii tends to be spectacular anyway, but add three sisters in good spirits and successful errands (meaning without meltdowns), and oh sweet mercy the living’s easy.

photo 3It isn’t always so. It usually isn’t, actually. I find I’m always waiting to get into some sort of rhythm of excellence, where the young ones barely watch TV and I’m engaged and patient during meltdowns and the clean laundry doesn’t sit in baskets on top of the machines for an entire week.

Soon I’ll get it together. Soon I’ll establish some sort of routine where dishes are done at this time and work at that time and I’ll do one load of laundry a day and run before the girls wake up and take the littles to the park twice a week and and and…photo 2

And sometimes it all happens and I feel like a rockstar. Until one of us (and then all five) get sick or I choose to neglect laundry and then waste time on the interwebs while the three year old watches her second movie of the morning. And I’m back to telling myself that we’ll get there soon enough.

Except, where do I think I’ll arrive?

This is life.photo 1

This is where the constant tension of choosing a good story and abiding in Jesus, even when I haven’t opened my Bible in three days (or longer), meets real life where kids get sick all the time and I totally yelled when I shouldn’t have and suddenly I haven’t run in three weeks. photo 4

Here. Now.


And Here. Now.


The Glory of the Risen King who has claimed my worth and does not expect me to arrive. Who lavishes love on the broken in spirit and celebrates weakness because He is SO GOOD and His grace is enough. Enough to cover all the broken things.

And so on days like today, when joy is easy and praises roll off the tongue and everything inside me bursts with thanksgiving, I am reminded that it is good because He is good and I’ll never arrive anywhere but in his arms, because the work of the cross is complete.


Yes, I will continue to strive for healthy routines and a patient spirit and a clean house and less screen time and more intentionality with my littles. Absolutely. All the time. Because He has given us the full life and I believe deeply in living well and enjoying God and his gifts. But they aren’t the end. They aren’t a destination of worth. We are free to pursue righteous living through the Gospel because it has already been done for us.

{photos from the iphone 4, taken today.}


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