photographing with friends {mica}.

I met Mica through a mutual friend via the internet in our Foto Fifty group. (Erin. You’ve met her on the blog a few times). We skyped once, so she wasn’t a complete face to face stranger – and certainly not through the year long exchange we had with our group of photographers. When she mentioned she was coming to Hawaii, I insisted she stay with us. And I’m so glad she did because it was just lovely for my soul to have her in our home, hanging out all around the island with cameras in tow. This photography thing is so fun, but with it comes insecurity, burnout, and creative ruts. I’m convinced I would have checked out long ago if it weren’t for the community of people I’ve found through snapping photos. Mica and I talked the whole time. Unless we were watching New Girl with JD or at church, we were talking. She’s doing my sister in law’s wedding in March and I’m SO excited for Monica and Manin to have such a skilled photographer tell their wedding story. Check out her work – she’s unreal.

IMG_6029Untitled.002 IMG_6069Untitled.001Untitled.003 IMG_6147Untitled.004Untitled.005



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